iTrac® (Intelligent Traction) System

Consistent, Trackable, Computerized Cervical Curve Restoration and Forward Head Posture Reduction With Advanced Technology


Introducing the revolutionary, new iTrac (Intelligent Traction) System that is quite possibly the most effective, advanced, computerized cervical curve restorer and forward head posture reducing technology on the market today.

The iTrac’s Patented, High Tech Design May Help

What Makes the iTrac Different than Other Devices on the Market?

The iTrac is...

What Else Makes the iTrac a One of a Kind Machine?

Benefits to Your PATIENTS

Benefits to Your PRACTICE


We don’t just sell you equipment then wish you “Good Luck.” With the purchase of the iTracĀ® Extension Traction Therapy System, you will receive 90 Days of FREE Support from system designer and industry expert Dr. Jarrod Nichols. More than ten years of research and development by industry expert Dr. Jarrod Nichols went into the system software and hardware design, with a focus on advanced technology and effective, measurable and consistent structural correction, increasing the standards for cervical curve restoration.



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