How to Choose & Safely Use a Decompression Table for Your Practice?

Spinal decompression works by relieving pressure on the spine and gently stretching it to relieve pain. In today's scenario, spinal decompression tables are becoming widely popular. Many therapists are tempted to try them to relieve their patients' back pain.

So, if you are also looking for a decompression table near me to add to your practice, you must know some essential things beforehand.

In this blog, we will discuss the points that will help you choose the right decompression table and tips to use it safely.

What to look for in a decompression table?

* Ease of use

When using a decompression table, patients will be going upside down or lying on that table, so your equipment should be reliable, secure, and simple to operate. When looking for a decompression table near me, you must ensure your patient can enter and exit it quickly.

* Weight and height limit

There are varying height and weight restrictions for decompression tables. The decompression table must be able to accommodate your body size adequately for safety reasons, so be sure to carefully review the device's specifications before purchasing.

If these restrictions are broken, the individual using the table could sustain extra harm due to a fall risk or a malfunctioning table.

Decompression tables typically have a 300-pound weight limit, although they can hold up to 600 pounds. Regarding user height, the majority of tables can accommodate users from 4 to 7 feet tall.

* FDA registration

According to experts, the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) registration is the first thing to check for when looking for a decompression table near me. The product must demonstrate through study and testing that it functions appropriately.

* A customizable design

You should always ensure your table can be modified to match your patient's physique. The table's length should be adjustable to accommodate your patient's height, and the ankle straps should be secure enough to keep their feet in place even when they flip over.

It will ensure a thorough decomphression therapy session and lower the chance of harm if you adjust these parameters to fit your patient's physique.

* An Easy-Reach Ankle System

You must look for the added benefit of an easy-reach ankle system on a decompression table while purchasing a decompression table near me. With an easy-reach ankle system, you can often strap both ankles into the system and then lock the patient in with the push of a button, as opposed to some tables that only allow you to strap in one ankle at a time.

* Extra Handholds

Go for a model with additional handholds at the waist, shoulder, and above the head if you want to give the most out of the stretching. These grips are helpful for traction and stretching procedures.

* Special Features0

Some decompression tables contain massage options, lumbar support, heat, acupressure nodes, and other accessories to improve your patient's stretch. The advantages of each are greatly influenced by the reason you are utilizing decompression therapy in the first place.

Tips for using a decompression table safely.

* Have a spotter

A decompression table can be challenging to use at first, so until you are completely confident using it alone, have someone nearby assist you in getting on and off the machine. Also, this can assist in making sure your patient is properly buckled up.

* Start slowly

Ease into your decompression table sessions by tipping back slightly at seniors, tilting just 10 degrees may provide relief. Before extending a session's duration, you must ask and observe your patient how one or two minutes per day make them feel.

You can choose the optimal perspective for you after you become acclimated to it. According to research, individuals typically get the greatest alleviation after three minutes.

* Make it a part of a larger wellness plan

Decompression tables for back pain should be one component of a more comprehensive therapy strategy. It is a passive or modalities-based care, which may also include using heat, ice, and electrical stimulation, including inversion tables.

In addition to regular exercises, such as aerobic conditioning exercises like walking, jogging, and swimming, they lead to a movement-based exercise regimen.

Also, maintaining a healthy body weight, eating a balanced diet, and quitting smoking will be helpful for those who experience back discomfort.

Decompression therapy works best when paired with other exercises. For instance, people benefit from stretching and inversion therapy to maintain flexibility and ease tight muscles. To complement inversion treatment, you should give your patient some effective stretches.


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