How Does A SpineMed Decompression Table Work For Patients?

In America, back and neck pain are the most common complaints, affecting more than half of the population. These issues frequently result in the permanent loss of a certain function, requiring people to give up things in life that no one should have to.

Here is an exceptionally comfortable SpineMED table that provides a non-surgical and drug-free therapy. It treats bulging and herniated discs, radiating leg pain, arm numbness, and other conditions where other decompression systems fail.

In this blog, we will discuss why it is good to consider a used SpineMed table for sale for your patients.

What is the SpineMed Decompression table?

In contrast to conventional "Decompression Tables," the SpineMED does not use outmoded traction components, including the traction box, pulleys, drums, ropes, and pelvic harnesses.

As a practitioner, you must consider the SpineMed decompression table for sale as it captures and distracts the human skeletal structure through a unique and proprietary design that is not found on any other decompression device in the world.

Why should you use SpineMed for lower back & neck management?

Disc degeneration and herniation are two of the most typical causes of lower back pain. To tackle these disorders, the SpineMED table was specifically created for lower back pain.

Damaged intervertebral discs seldom heal because they are always under strain, which is a fact. By relieving pressure on crucial lumbar spine structures and spinal nerves, the SpineMED lowers pressure inside the discs.

How does the treatment work?

The patient is placed on the table in a comfortable posture for lumbar treatment, and the pelvic restraints are adjusted to snugly hold the patient's pelvis in place. An accommodating securing device included in the table's fixed portion captures the upper torso.

To target particular spinal segments, the pelvic tilt portion will be electronically inclined. To lower the pressure inside the disc, a specific disc segment is gently distracted using precise, painless computer-controlled strain.

How a used SpineMEd table for sale is beneficial for your practice?

When you consider the SpineMed decompression table for sale, it offers a typical daily session for the patient, which includes 15 minutes of ice therapy after 30 minutes of decompression. Patients frequently nod off during treatment because the procedure is painless and secure.

Most patients are expected to find relief from their symptoms between 15 and 25 sessions, while the average recommended course of treatment is 20 sessions.

The sessions should ideally be done every day, with a break on the weekends. After the disc injury has been treated, patients are treated with mobilization and strengthening exercises to prevent recurrence of injury at the end of the therapy cycle.

According to the research, the debilitating pain brought on by degenerative, bulging, herniated, or ruptured discs, as well as sciatica, posterior facet syndrome, spinal stenosis, and numerous unsuccessful back surgery cases, has been shown to be significantly reduced after only a few weeks of treatment.

In just a few weeks, the majority of patients are able to resume their regular levels of activity at work or during leisure time.


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