How Decompression Table Therapy Can Help Your Spine

Consider spinal decompression therapy before scheduling back surgery or you'll live with lumbar discomfort for the rest of your life. After all, decompression therapy is a non-surgical option you can ask for if your doctor feels it necessary. However, patients frequently use this option as a last resort when previous treatments don’t produce the desired results.

Even though this seems encouraging, you may still not be sure spinal decompression is the correct choice. To find out how the Accu Spina decompression table therapy can benefit your spine, whether you have a painful case of stenosis or a herniated disc, read the information below.

Benefits of Decompression Table Therapy

1. Relieve Nerve Pressure

A decompression table is used as you lay there, and the machine slowly pulls your spine into place. This procedure aids in relieving the pressure that causes the discs in your spine to slip out of position, preventing the discs from impinging on adjacent nerves.

Your body experiences less pain and inflammation when negative pressure is created in your spinal discs. To learn more, you can search online for the Accu Spina decompression table for sale.

2. Prevent Spinal Surgery

Many patients turn to therapeutic injections when chiropractic adjustments and physical treatment are ineffective. A few patients worry that surgery may be their only long-term option because these injections might not give them a permanent answer.

Some patients may benefit from Accu Spina spinal decompression table therapy in order to avoid or delay spine surgery, such as a discectomy or spinal fusion procedure.

The effectiveness of this non-surgical method in reducing lower back pain surprises many of our patients. Some patients report feeling better after only one session, although continued care is usually necessary for the best results.

During decompression therapy, your spine is gently stretched, which gives herniated discs a chance to return to their proper positions. You might not require surgery if your body accepts these modifications rather than rejecting them.

3. Heal From Chronic Pain

Spinal decompression addresses both chronic pain and acute flare-ups, unlike specific therapies. It is because it deals with the root of your discomfort rather than just the symptoms. Your body may mend itself thanks to this without the need for surgery or other invasive procedures.

When bulging discs retract, your body can more easily transfer oxygen and other nutrients to the spinal region. These nutrients decrease swelling and inflammation, which aids in the body's ability to repair injured nerves and muscles.

Since inflammation is frequently the cause of back pain, reducing inflammation also lessens the signs and symptoms of a twisted spine. If you want to reduce your back pain, you can look for an Accu Spina decompression table for sale.

4. Provide Fast Relief

Most of the time, spinal decompression doesn't hurt or make you uncomfortable, and treatments last about 45 minutes. While you might need more visits to get the optimum benefits, many people report less pain after just one treatment.

After several spinal decompression procedures, your spine may remain in the proper position, providing long-lasting respite from the chronic discomfort that earlier afflicted your body. You should prepare to come to us once or twice a week for a month or two if your spine requires frequent treatments. To relieve the pain, you can search online for an Accu Spina decompression table for sale.


Accu Spina decompression table therapy is a non-invasive alternative to many common back pain treatments. Almost anyone can receive spinal decompression therapy, regardless of age. Before beginning any treatment, it is advisable to seek professional advice from a physical therapist.

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