How Can Medical Practitioners Provide Relief From Neck And Back Pain With Traction Tables?

Both low back pain and neck pain are frequently treated with spinal traction. To treat discomfort associated with the spine, it is the right time to look for a traction table for sale. It uses force and counterforce to pull in opposite directions and provide relief to the patient.

Several studies have found that traction can significantly improve neck and back pain when used in conjunction with other therapies.

In this blog, we will share why it is essential for medical practitioners to consider traction tables in their clinic.

What is a traction table?

A traction table is a physical therapy tool that treats neck and back pain with spinal manipulative treatment (SMT) and therapeutic exercises. You can provide a comfortable and secure environment for the patient while applying traction to the spine by considering a traction table for sale.

The spine is said to be gently stretched to ease pressure on the spinal discs and nerves. With other therapies like massage, chiropractic adjustments, this type of therapy is frequently combined with physical therapy exercises.

Traction tables for sale are available in various dimensions and can be adjusted to accommodate users of different heights and weights. Some tables can also be stimulated electrically or with heat. Therefore, be sure to discuss all of your alternatives with your patients if they consult you about this kind of therapy for back or neck problems.

How does it work for people?

A traction table is a medical tool that has been around for centuries and is still in use today. They use pulleys and counterweights to stretch the spine. The discs in the spine decompress as a result, which may help with pain relief. They also aid in increasing flexibility and range of motion.

You can help many people with back pain, herniated discs, and other spine-related problems by considering traction tables for sale. It's crucial to comprehend everything about your patient, from how they function to the advantages.

These tables are commonly referred to as inversion tables and produce traction using the patient's body weight. They should carefully lower themselves upside down while strapped in. Gravity pushes on their spines as they hang there, stretching the discs and relieving pain.

Is a traction table useful if a patient has a slipped disc?

Using a traction table might sometimes help people with herniated discs or other spinal issues.The idea behind traction tables for sale is that gradually stretching the spine and decompressing the discs can aid in relieving pressure on the spine. This may help with pain management and promote herniated disc healing.

It's crucial to first go over the potential hazards and benefits of using a traction table for your ruptured disc with your patient. It is essential to assist the patient in determining whether the treatment is right for them.


As we all know, traction table therapy is the safest and most effective treatment for neck and back discomfort. It offers numerous health advantages.

Additionally, it will increase the patient's body's overall functionality and help your back and neck problems heal quickly.

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