Explore KDT and Hill DT Decompression Tables To Revitalize Your Practice: Innovative Spinal Solutions Improve Patient Care

With fast lives today, our joints are becoming slow and weak! Time is running, and we want to run ahead of time and life, we do not care for our body that produces short warnings like neck pain, back pain, herniated discs and more. The most crucial area of the body is the spinal cord, also known as the vertebral column, which supports the body and gives flexibility to our body. But nowadays technology has taken the responsibility for your spine with excellent equipment like the Hill DT & KDT Decompression Table, and other affordable techniques that help you support your body and yourself.

The search for new methods to improve spinal health is never-ending in the ever-changing profession of spinal adjustment. Decompression tables have become known as groundbreaking equipment, providing chiropractors with novel ways to tackle spinal disorders and give successful relief to people.

In this blog, we will talk about the advantages, upsides, and transforming power of decompression tables in chiropractic practices.

Purpose of Decompression Tables

The purpose is the most important aspect of anything. Any technique, innovation, strategy or way is considered to fulfill the purpose that can be productive for both your body and the time and effort invested in the method.

The decompression treatment is now commonly used to relieve pressure on the spine, namely the discs between the vertebrae. The KDT and Hill DT Decompression Tables are designed at Doc Decompression Table to provide regulated traction, gently extending the spine and encouraging nutrition migration into the discs. The procedure aids in the reduction of discomfort, the improvement of movement, and the overall health of the spine.

What is KDT Decompression?

Before diving into the process, knowing the process is the initial step to understanding how you can have effortless and more positive outcomes. You must understand the KDT Decompression therapy to know how it will suit your body!

KDT Neural-Flex Decompression therapy is a non-surgical treatment method that cures incapacitating lower back, neck region, leg-to-arm pain, and migraines. This therapy efficiently improves pain linked to disc rupture, degenerated discs, posterior aspect conditions, and other spinal-related diseases by lowering stress on spinal discs and facet joints through unloading caused by distraction and posture.

It accelerates the healing process efficiently and frequently provides immediate, successful, and astonishing pain relief, allowing patients to resume active lives.

Moreover, do you know that nearly 100 million Americans suffer from neck and back pain annually? So, it is beneficial for those who suffer from disc bulging, herniated disc, disc degeneration, disc rupture, a symptom of sciatica, and carpal tunnel syndrome; there have been numerous failed back surgery cases.

What Is Hill DT Decompression?

The Hill DT Spinal Decompression Table is a type of technology explicitly built for spinal decompression therapy, and it has various characteristics and advantages that set it apart from other spinal decompression devices. Hill DT tables are well-known for their superior technology and ease of use for patients.

DOC Decompression Table provides Hill DT Decompression table for sale that is not unique, but the quality and the finish we give with the detailed information is most trusted in the spine equipment industry.

Why is DOC Decompression Table the Best Choice?

These unique features make this equipment quite popular in the market. The Doc Decompression Table is renowned for its accuracy & resourcefulness in spinal decompression therapy. We provide the following upgraded version that is only available on our platform.

Here are some of the reasons why you must purchase tables from us:

1. Virtual Control

With everything digitally upgraded and associated with it's pretty hard to use equipment with just physical force. Especially if you are in pain, the Virtual Control Centre simplifies the treatment of patients even more by providing automatic management of Altitude, Flexing of the lumbar spine, and Lumbar flexion in your body with the equipment efficiently to give effective results.

2. Big Monitor Screen

Body parts can be pretty intriguing, and a clear vision is essential to treat it. We provide an 8-inch, full-color screen with disc angle level indicators in our decompression tables that allow you to swiftly address particular spinal discs, providing precise and efficient patient therapy more easily than before.

3. Complex Cases Deal

The times of pulling and praying are over. With the ability to provide therapy, you will achieve exceptional decompression outcomes from our table to treat flexion-extension in a Prone Supine Position, Rotation of the lateral flexion or more guaranteed results to the next level of unrivaled client placement versatility.

4. Versatile

Even equipment can be unsafe, can lead to accidents, and can worsen your situation! DOC Decompression Table gives safe and customized sizes to fit patients' demands or needs.

If your spinal decompression table features an incomplete lumbar harness or pelvic constraint, like three other tables on the market, sometimes overweight patients are not satisfied with the therapy, making it biased against the lighter weight patients.

The discrimination is an unnecessary hazard, but we provide a full lumbar harness, which makes it simple to treat patients of various sizes.

5. Safety

The safety of your patients must always come first. Every table we provide, also has a patient safety switch, which allows your patients to discontinue treatment if they experience suffering, contractions, or irritation. Our tables include NO FOOT PEDALS TO TRIP ON, NO PINCH POINTS, and AUTOMATED COMPUTER CONTROLS.

6. Customized Software

Our unique software enables rapid and straightforward fine adjustment of time, force, angle, hold time, time to unwind and height of the table.


Adding these innovative solutions to your practice improves patient care and positions your chiropractor facility as an innovator in the ever-changing environment of spine health.

DOC Decompression Table provides the top-notch Hill DT & KDT Decompression Table for sale at a price that will shock you! Our tables are customized with new & updated features which will help you to provide your patient with better comfort & relief. Book your consultation now with us to grab amazing deals on the Decompression table.

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