4 Reasons To Consider Hill DT Decompression Table For Spinal Therapy

Back injuries are one of the most common causes of pain and disability in the United States. Nowadays, a patient's injury impacts their spinal discs, facet joints, or nerve roots. Many therapists consider a Hill DT Decompression Table for sale for spinal decompression therapy as it is one of the best treatment options.

Spinal decompression therapy is motorized traction that uses a computer-controlled table to stretch the spine. It is the only form of traction shown to exert negative pressure on the vertebrae.

To promote healing, it can alter the physiology of the joints and disc space. It's among the safest treatments available and has a success rate of up to 89%.

Here are some reasons to use the Hill DT decompression table for the patient to relieve their back discomfort.

1. It helps in faster healing.

There are four steps in the healing process. During the first two steps, the body becomes numb and sends specialized immune cells to clean up the area—this is when inflammation occurs. Whereas in the other two processes, it concentrates on forming and fortifying new tissues to restore the harm.

A blood supply is necessary for all stages of the healing process to deliver specialized cells, chemical messengers that activate cell functions, oxygen, and nutrients. Without a strong blood supply, body parts frequently heal slowly or experience a halted healing process.

Unfortunately, there is not much blood flow to the spaces between the vertebrae, the spinal discs, and the joints throughout the body (including facet joints). This is why severe disc damage might cause discomfort for months. It's also the reason joints are prone to degeneration and arthritis.

By redistributing critical blood flow to the area, spinal decompression therapy with the Hill DT decompression table treats herniated discs, inflamed nerve roots, and worn-out joints. Negative pressure's vacuum action liberates blood vessels, allowing them to supply more blood and nutrients to the wound and hastening its healing.

This vacuum also cleans up disc fluid leaks and suctions bulging discs back into position. Even flattened discs can be rehydrated, which can delay the degenerative process. No other therapy produces such a profound physiologic change in the disc space.

2. It helps in preventing chronic pain.

Many people suffer from persistent back pain that may have been relieved with proper care. As long as the disc is out of place, patients with a bulging disc which compresses nerves will continue to feel pain. An acute injury that should have healed completely can still cause inflammation and pain.

These underlying injuries can be treated by purchasing a Hill DT Decompression Table for sale for spinal decompression therapy, which allows the body to heal.

It assists in resuming a stagnant healing cycle and pushes extended discs back into position. Injuries can be treated as quickly as possible to avoid chronic discomfort as decompression therapy can also help with old wounds.

3. It treats long term conditions.

Some degenerative disorders, such as disc degeneration brought on by age or injury or facet joint arthritis (facet syndrome), cannot be reversed or treated. Patients with these illnesses do not have to endure excruciating pain, though. The Hill DT decompression table for spinal decompression therapy can handle these issues effectively.

Owning a Hill DT Decompression table can help in lessen pain by reducing inflammation in patients. Since inflammation frequently leads to the compression or irritation of nerve roots, it can even aid with nerve pain. The disc is rehydrated during decompression. This doesn't mean that a flattened disc can be restored to "like new," but it can swell discs sufficiently to relieve nerve pressure.

4. It can prevent surgery.

Patients with persistent back pain may try various treatments for years before discovering that they are still in agony. At this point, many of them opt for surgery, hoping it will lead to permanent relief. According to research, up to 75% of these patients are dissatisfied. Even if back surgery is successful, it is risky and costly.

Many people who have tried alternative therapies without success find relief with Hill DT decompression table therapy. It may give individuals sufficient pain relief to resume normal activities without needing surgery.

It works so well because many individuals have disc or facet joint problems that haven't received a proper diagnosis. Other therapies don't address these underlying problems or alter the intervertebral space's physiology. Patients report less discomfort and less need for surgery after receiving treatment targeting these locations.


At DOC Decompression Table, we provide the Hill DT Decompression Table for sale. This is a non-invasive treatment for people suffering from acute back or spinal pain. To find out more, you can visit our website.

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